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Swedish Film Festival Celebrates Bergman's Birth Centenary

13/04/2018, Team India Se
 “Bergman never made another film this painful,” wrote the eminent film critic Roger Ebert in a review of Cries and Whis...
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Married, Independent

13/04/2018, By Abhijit Nag and Nivruti Prasad
Singapore is good for business – and not just for the suits. There are entrepreneur moms at large – married, independent...
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Love As Constant As The Pole Star

13/04/2018, By Shobha Tsering Bhalla
The big fat Indian wedding of popular imagination is famous for its colour and extravagance. But much of what Bollywood ...
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Chasing The Aurora Borealis

13/04/2018, by Susan Tsang
As holidays go, winter in the Arctic Circle was decidedly strange: the temperature was -20 C, with a wind blowing, yet f...
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The Tastes That Bind

13/04/2018, By Shobha Tsering Bhalla
“Tell me what kind of food you eat, and I will tell you what kind of man you are.” - Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, hist...
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A Billion Colour Story: A gem of an Indian movie

16/03/2018, Team India Se
Imagine a movie inspired by John Lennon’s Imagine. That could be A Billion Colour Story. A film that elicits both agony ...
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