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How to ensure good ‘chi’ for your wallet or handbag

5/11/2018 7:14:00 PM
written By : S B S Surendran Print

Prosperity and happiness have a subtle link to our wealth. Although many would say that wealth is not important and happiness is the primary need, it is difficult to live a normal happy life without sufficient wealth to meet at least our daily needs.

Hence safeguarding and taking care of our wealth is important. From the feng shui perspective, it is important to ensure that we not only keep our money and valuables safely in a bank or a vault but also take proper care of the small amount we carry in a  wallet or a handbag.

For women, the handbag is part of her appearance, dress and makeover; hence the kind of energy the handbag exudes has a strong influence on the person carrying it. A woman’s handbag or a man’s wallet is the place where he or she carries wealth; hence proper care and maintenance of the handbag or the wallet is essential.

 An attractive, organised purse makes a woman feel better and more in control of her life and the same is the case with wallets for men. When the wallet or handbag is in a mess and you can’t find something when you need it, there is a sense of loss.

Here are some simple suggestions to maintain good energy in a wallet or handbag:

  • Keep your handbag or wallet elevated: Never leave it on the floor. Suspending it on a hook is acceptable, but “grounding” it is supposed to drain away the auspicious chi of the bag.
  • Organising the coins: Do not dump small coins into your purse where they will fall to the bottom of the bag. That shows disrespect for the money you possess. If you keep your coins in a coin purse, they will not only be well preserved but easily accessible when needed.
  • Preserving keys: Dumping keys into the bag along with money is also bad feng shui as it symbolises a quick “exit” of wealth. Use key organisers.
  • Keep the wallet and purse clean: Do not dump half-eaten food, chewing gum and bits and pieces of used paper or tissues into your handbag as it is not a trash can but a container of your personal wealth. Of course, carrying fresh unconsumed food is acceptable, but not leftovers and things which should go into the trash can.
  • Maintaining balance: Do not use up all the money in your wallet or handbag and never keep it empty. Make sure that you always have some money in your wallet or handbag because emptiness signifies a break in the cycle of your wealth flow.
  • Loving your wallet or handbag: Take proper care of your wallet or handbag. Don’t buy a handbag or a wallet unless you absolutely love it. Then treat it with love and care as long as you possess it. 





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