Jamuna Pai

Out, Damned Spot!

17/07/2018, Jamuna Pai
I am in my late forties and have noticed sudden age spots. How can I fight them? The age spots could be Melasma (pigment...
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Shine On!

11/05/2018, Jamuna Pai
I am 21 years old and I have recently noticed dark spots on my skin. What should I do about them? The dark spots that yo...
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Shedding Light

20/04/2018, Jamuna Pai
Q. Pigmentation is a common problem among young women. What is the best way to treat this? Hyperpigmentation occurs ...
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Get The Perfect Arch!

11/12/2017, Jamuna Pai
Recently I read about eyebrow transplant and how it is a good solution to rectify the problem of thinning brows.  Could ...
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Clear Tones

01/11/2017, Jamuna Pai
Q: I have just moved from the tropical climate of Singapore to the UK for a course. Unlike Singapore, I will experience ...
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Dazzling Looks

03/10/2017, Jamuna Pai
Glamming up for the festive season can sometimes take a toll on your hair and skin. Here are answers to some commonly oc...
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